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Yiwu Bulu Import & Export CO., Ltd is one of professional manufacturer and trader combo company for connectors. Specialized in this field for more than 20 years, Mainly supply GX series, P series, MIL-C-5015 series and VG95234 series and Audio &Video Plug and socket, BULU serves customers carefully, satisfies customers with efforts,create the value for customers.

BULU, with strict quality management system,excellent products performance,efficient manufacture, competitive costs and prices, just-in-time logistics and service, wins long-term cooperation and trust of many customers from nation and America, Europe and Middle East.

We have good staff with experience,teamwork spirit, better for better. Whatever technology, quality,commercial, process,delivery, manufacture, any request from customers could react fast by whole company, and then communicated or solved.

We will supply customers with various applicable excellent products, after a series of courses including hot/cold moulding working, precision CNC machining, metal sheet process, surface treatment, analysis & inspection, assembly and packing. It will satisfy customers with products,application,costs or productive. BULU cooperates and face competition together with customers for progress, wins good market in the industry of machinery,equipment, automotive,aviation,electric products, etc.

We are located in Ningbo city Zhejiang province in east China, near Shanghai international seaport and airport, where industries developed well and good at technology and education. You are welcomed to come to us for good cooperation for good future.

BULU’s concept: strive with and for the customers, create the value for customers.

The MIL-C-5015 and VG95234 MIL-C-26482 series connectors are widely used in CNC, robotics, medical devices, industrial, commercial, and other industrial applications


XLR plugs, 3.5mm Jack (also known as 1/8 inch or 3.5mm headphone jack), 6.35mm Jack (also known as 1/4 inch plug), Speakon plugs, and Powercon plugs are used in various audio applications.

  1. XLR plugs: XLR plugs are commonly used with professional audio equipment such as microphones, audio interfaces, and mixing consoles. They provide balanced audio transmission, effectively reducing interference and noise.

  2. 3.5mm Jack: The 3.5mm jack is a common headphone plug and is widely used with portable audio devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, and laptops. They are typically used with personal audio devices.

  3. 6.35mm Jack: The 6.35mm jack, also known as the 1/4 inch plug, is commonly used with professional audio equipment and some musical instruments such as electric guitars and keyboards. They are larger than the 3.5mm jack and provide better audio transmission performance.

  4. Speakon plugs: Speakon plugs are professional audio connectors primarily used for connecting audio equipment to speakers. They are commonly used in live performances and sound systems, providing a secure and reliable connection.

  5. Powercon plugs: Powercon plugs are professional connectors used for power connections. They are widely used in audio and lighting equipment, providing high-power connections with a locking feature to ensure stable and safe connections.

Overall, these plugs play essential roles in different audio and power applications, providing stable and high-quality connections and transmission performance.


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